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 Websense unleashed
Author: P.Hauser   (30 Sep 07 6:24am)
Websense is a security company harvesting web sites for malware and was found here and in Project HoneyPot with IPs,,,,,, (S) so far.

According to Websense, Inc ownes 296 hosts in the following ranges:

Websense (WEBSEN-1)
Websense Network Operations Center (WNOC-ARIN) +1-858-320-8000
Websense, Inc (AS13448) WEBSENSE 13448

66.194.6/24 - [256 hosts] - [8 hosts] - [16 hosts] - [8 hosts] - [8 hosts]

Now I am not going to check all Websense-ranges via the HoneyPot web-interface oder via the http:BL-API, since You can clearify this a lot easier via a local SQL-query against Your database.

Eventually HoneyPot hits here from one of the 296 IPs can be flagged here as deriving from a Security company's harvester.

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