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 Top User Agents
Author: M.Prince   (15 Jan 05 5:18am)
We just put up our first statistics page. While more will be coming as our data becomes more robust and we can report more things, for now we're providing a list of the top user agents used by spam harvesters.

You can find the page here:

(Or click the Data & Statistics tab and then select the Statistics subtab.)

While some of these User Agents are common, others are clearly unique and could be added to a block list on your website if you were inclined. Here are a couple example user agents and what spammers tend to be associated with them....

sna-0.0.1 (used by a stock promotion spammer)
Java/1.#.#_## (used almost exclusively by phishers)
Franklin Box Company (used almost exclusively by "Nigerian" 419 scammers)

Hope you find it helpful. More to come!
 Re: Top User Agents
Author: J.Cridland   (28 Jan 05 6:00pm)
I'm a great fan of the addresses to show what harvesters each individual site has caught.

I'm particularly proud of !!


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