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Donating MX Entries

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Author: J.Knotzke   (19 May 06 11:14am)


I use tinydns as a DNS program and tinydns requires an IP to assign to a hostname. Honeypot gives me a hostname and I simply converted this to an IP.

Is this OK? If not, any ideas?


 Re: tinydns
Author: M.Prince   (27 May 06 7:38pm)
No, you shouldn't point to the IP of our mail servers. We need to have the flexibility to change our mail server IPs. I'm surprised that tinydns doesn't allow MXs to point to a domain. Typically, DNS systems require MXs to point to a domain and, if anything, won't allow you to point them directly to an IP. I haven't used the tinydns software, but you might want to look through their documentation a bit and see if they have a work around.
 Re: tinydns
Author: T.Bardusch   (28 Aug 07 8:51pm)
You don't need to resort to using IP addresses to donate MX entries when using tinydns.

Here's an example (change to the subdomain you are donating from your domain, and to the target you are sent by the Project):

Note: be sure to keep the trailing period on the target machine name.

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