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 about chase bank
Author: J.Chase   (16 Feb 06 6:25am)
ChaseBank Review: This offers excellent financial services, online banking and variety of planning tools which help for individuals and business.
 Re: about chase bank
Author: S.Davis   (7 Aug 06 8:24pm)
lol...the honeypot forum gets spammed.
 Re: about chase bank
Author: M.Prince   (7 Aug 06 10:09pm)
I know. I thought about deleting it but then decided the irony was worth it. Since we don't really support links -- at least not easily -- I'm not sure what benefit this spam really did for the author. And, if you think about it, it took quite a bit of effort to post. "J.Chase" had to sign up (which involves completing a CAPTCHA), get the confirmation message (which means the email address provided was real), click the link the confirmation message contained, return to the site, and then start a new thread in one of the forums. Hopefully Chase paid the guy well!

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