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 Subdomain points to PHP: Is that OK?
Author: A.Markley   (4 Feb 06 3:54pm)
The "Pointing MX subdomains somewhere" thread didn't answer my question, so I decided to post a new thread. I'm new at managing MX records. Please excuse any stupid questions.

I donated my first MX record today... it's still awaiting a system test, but the donation process displays no errors so far. I donated the record from a newly created subdomain that's never been used... the first subdomain I've ever created. My provider's "subdomain wizard" requires that subdomains be pointed somewhere. Not being a techie, I chose to forward the subdomain to

After doing this I wondered... does that possibly compromise the subdomain by alerting spammers to the fact that this subdomain is donated to the project? Should I point the subdomain somewhere else... such as back to my own domain or maybe some other domain I administer?
 Re: Subdomain points to PHP: Is that OK?
Author: M.Prince   (5 Feb 06 2:04pm)
I don't think it should matter where you point the subdomain's "A" record. You can point it at a domain you own, or Project Honey Pot, or wherever. Spammers, in our experience, aren't checking the DNS records to weed out their lists.

Thanks for your help with the Project!

 Re: Subdomain points to PHP: Is that OK?
Author: A.Markley   (6 Feb 06 9:51pm)
Thanks, Matthew. I'm still waiting for the project system to approve my MX donation... but so far, so good. No news is good news. When I have time, I'll upload a simple little index page at my new subdomain that says: "Gotcha!" (grin).

Meanwhile, kudos to you and everyone who makes Project Honey Pot possible. I saw you on TV the other night. Lookin' good and saying what needs to be said. Keep fighting the good fight.

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