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 cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: J.Landrum   (8 Dec 05 11:49am)
Hello everyone,

I am having a little trouble donating MX entries. I know that the cPanel MX tool is functioning properly, because I accidentally pointed my entire domain to one of your sites. However, when I try to point the subdomains to their respective sites I get a "fatal error or timeout" message. My site is and the subdomains are mail2-mail6 on the same server. Any help you can afford is greatly appreciated.

 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: M.Prince   (9 Dec 05 10:54pm)
Hmmm... I'm not sure what could be wrong. Might want to check if there's a cPanel goup that can help. I'm a cPanel user myself, but I'll ask around and see if anyone has any suggestions.
 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: J.Landrum   (13 Dec 05 1:34pm)
Well, it's been nearly a week, so I'm sure the new sub-domains have propagated through the various DNS servers around the world. My point is that this cannot be the problem. I just checked all five sub-domains and am getting the same "fatal" error. At this point I must assume that my host won't allow me to change MX entries for sub-domains. As far as contacting cPanel goes, all they had were the same directions that Project Honey Pot gave. Thank you for your help; I’m sorry it didn’t work. I guess the only donation to the cause I can make now is to link to my assigned honey pot with two or three links on every page.

 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: Z.Effron   (17 Jul 06 1:31pm)
cPanel requires the user to control the mx domain in order to point the personal mx entry to it. Since neither of us control, we can't point to it. At least, from reading the docs, that's what I can figure out, I'm having the same problem. I have no idea how to fix this.

 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: L.Veltkamp   (6 Aug 06 10:29pm)
I had the same problem and I wound up having to contact my web host's help desk. I told them what I wanted and why I wanted that change made and after I verified my account information, it was taken care of within a day.

Your results may vary, of course, but the point is, you might have to contact your domain's host about it.
 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: S.Davis   (7 Aug 06 8:23pm)
Interesting, I have had the same problem at my host on cpanel and have just sent a message to support to get them to do it manually.

Doesn't anyone know why this happens?
 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: L.Veltkamp   (28 Aug 06 12:06pm)
Well, it's just the way that particular host chooses to operate. Generally, when users are blocked from making that change, they're also not able to change some of the more complex DNS settings. Some hosts just don't want users to mess things up.

Of course, I've learned from experience that some hosts are capable of messing things like that up on their own so maybe they don't want any competition. You should be able to check MX entries under CPanel after changes like that are made and it's actually a good idea to check that things were entered correctly.
 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: J.Tatro   (30 Dec 06 12:23pm)
In my case, what I discovered, after experiencing this problem myself with cpanel, is that the domain used for the donated sub-domain MX entries DNS listing must be the same as the hosting service DNS listing, in order be able to use cpanel to change MX settings.

I donated a sub-domain MX entry that was "parked" on another domain through my hosting service. After trying several times to make the necessary changes I finally figured out the DNS settings though my domain registration service needed to be changed. Once I did this, I was able to use cpanel to change the MX entry for the donated sub-domain.

I am definitely not an expert but I hope this helps at least some of you out.
 Re: cPanel won't let me change MX for subdomains
Author: L.De Jongh   (24 Apr 07 3:51pm)
I also had this problem a few years ago when I installed my pot. Contacted my host and he did it for me within minutes. It works now :D

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