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Author: D.Nagle   (6 Oct 05 11:00pm)
I am planning to let the domain registration for one of my domains expire when its registration is up rather than renew. I have 5 of its subdomains donated for MX entries. How far in advance of the registration expiration should I delete my donations? And, between the time I delete the donations and the registration's expiration, will emails sent to those sub-domains still "count" when they're delivered?
 Re: Expirations
Author: J.Landrum   (8 Dec 05 2:11pm)
As per a post I found on this forum, all you need to do is log in to your MX management console and turn them off before your domain expires. All emails sent to those domains before you turn them off will be collected in the honey pot, and afterwards any email sent to those domains will bounce back just as if the email addresses didn't exist.


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