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 Editing DNS
Author: A.Roy   (13 Apr 05 3:15pm)
Hi, my ISP's interface for editing the DNS ( is as shown

the name of the subdomain I have donated is mailserve and I originally had it on priority code 20, but when I drop the list down to mailserve and put in the domain name, and then press apply the interface reverts to N/A and the domain donation is rejected.

I have now changed it to the top priority (as shown) but it still shows N/A
I am also worried that having it above the other subdomains means my real mail will go to the wrong place
 Re: Editing DNS
Author: O.Pacuraru   (7 May 07 8:55am)
I am worried about the same thing.

what priority shoudl I set the donated mx record to? can I set it to something higher than my "real" mx record which obviously is 10?

what if I really have some mail problems, won't my mails be handed over to the next mx server aka the donated one?
 Re: Editing DNS
Author: M.Prince   (7 May 07 12:50pm)
You should only donate a domain or subdomain that is NOT being used for real mail. Your concern is that real mail will be handed to Project Honey Pot's mail server. That would ONLY happen if you donated a domain used for real mail already. Here's an example:

Let's say you're using for your real mail:

The MXs for that may be: 10 20

Leave that alone. If you want to donate a domain, setup a completely different subdomain:

When you first set that up, it will have no MXs. Now... go ahead and setup MXs for that that point however we've instructed you to: 10 20

It doesn't matter what the priorities are. You could make them 0, you could make them 10, you could make them 50... whatever. The key is that ALL the MXs for the donated domain MUST point to the Project Honey Pot mail server. If ANY of the MXs do not point to the Project Honey Pot mail server then we assume the domain is handling real mail and we don't complete the donation.

Note that the mail servers for every subdomain you setup can be different from one another, and different from the root domain. In other words, setting to point to us will have no effect on or

Hopefully that makes sense.


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