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 MX Donation rejection problems
Author: D.Vavich   (19 Feb 05 3:34pm)
Ok, here goes... I've created subdomains for each MX record I'm trying to donate:

Subdomains: ->pointing to my server ip -> ->pointing to my server ip -> ->pointing to my server ip -> ->pointing to my server ip -> ->pointing to my server ip ->

and then I've gone in and created the MX records in my MX Manager:

MX Records ->pointing to your server ip -> ->pointing to your server ip -> ->pointing to your server ip -> ->pointing to your server ip -> ->pointing to your server ip ->

But when I do an MX record serch on my site it shows up as: A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400

... So I guess my question is - where am I screwing this up at?

Do I need to point the subdomains to your IP also or is there something else I'm missing?

Help me help you help everybody - please! ;)

Thanks in advance,

 Re: MX Donation rejection problems
Author: M.Prince   (19 Feb 05 4:08pm)
First, and most importantly, you should never point an MX at an IP address you believe represents our mail server. Not only do we have different servers responsible for different donated domains, but we change the IP addresses for our mail servers regularly in order to help avoid detection. Instead of pointing the MX to an IP you should point it at the domain we give you during the donation process.

Now, as to the specifics of your DNS record, these appear to be "A" records, not "MX" records: A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400 A IN 86400

I did a "DIG" on your domain and here are your MX records: 86400 IN MX 10 86400 IN MX 10 86400 IN MX 10 86400 IN MX 10 86400 IN MX 10

So it looks like what's happening is that you've pointed: -> ->

That means any mail sent to:


is currently being directed to I don't think this is what you intended, and may actually be causing you to lose legitimate mail sent to your domain.

What you need to do is point the MXs for back to where they were before. Then create a new MX not for, but for the subdomain That should be pointed to the domain we gave you when you donated the record. If you don't remember what that is, login to your account, click Manage MX Records from the tab bar, and click the "Finish" link next to the domain in question.

Hopefully that helps you get things back on track.
 Re: MX Donation rejection problems
Author: D.Vavich   (20 Feb 05 9:53pm)
It does help a little - but there is one problem - my sites are hosted on and the *ONLY* option I have for managing my MX records is to point them at an IP address...

I would hate to think that that limitation will prevent me from donating MXs - because I REALLY hate spam.
 Re: MX Donation rejection problems
Author: M.Prince   (21 Feb 05 12:45am)
Actually, MXs are NEVER supposed to be pointed directly at IPs, they cna be pointed at A records within your domain, CNAME records within your domain, or a URL within a different domain. If your DNS manager is forcing you to point an MX at an IP then there is likely something wrong with it. You might want to sent a customer service request to your ISP/DNS provider and see if they can help out.
 Re: MX Donation rejection problems
Author: D.Vavich   (21 Feb 05 11:49pm)
I will check with them and see if anything can be done...
 Re: MX Donation rejection problems
Author: D.Hoviss   (26 Jan 06 9:50am)
I point the MX record at your mail server, then I need to use an A record or a Cname = IP address to define

Your system seems to reject this.

An example on the web site would be very informative for DNS operators that might want to see how the zone should look...


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