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 Domains for $5!
Author: C.Pettinger   (9 Dec 04 10:04pm)
Yahoo is selling domains for $4.95 through the end of the year. Go spend five or ten bucks and buy the PHP a domain so you can donate MX entries for a couple years. I did.
 Re: Domains for $5!
Author: A.Yandow   (26 Jan 05 2:49pm)
Better yet, keep your eyes on, they frequently have sales.
Recently, they were selling .inof domains for $1.95 for a one year contract.
 Re: Domains for $5!
Author: I.Roiban   (4 Feb 05 11:30am)
That is really really not worth to buy a domain name just for this purpose. You're invisible! Besides, you probably need to buy few thousand such domains in order to catch any spammer. And, if they catch it and win a lawsuit who's going to get money? You?
 Re: Domains for $5!
Author: D.Vavich   (13 Feb 05 3:52am)
Hmmm... Sounds like a spammer's argument to me :)

"You're Invisible!" <- I used to have "I'm Invisible" on the gas tank of my '76 Denvers Chopper Shop chopper (which was not very invisible at 9' 2" long) and nobody gave me any hassle (even when the piece of crap broke down in rush hour Galleria area (in Houston) traffic. Guess they didn't want to mess with me.

Honestly I feel like the whole point is to give spammers a headache and be a pain in the ass - like they are.

I have 14 domains that I operate currently (I add more each month - at an average of 2 per month) can I donate 5 MX records from each?

I know that at least one of my domains has been crawled by spammers because the email address I use on it is unique and is not posted on ANY website other than the one.

Let me know - I love giving spammers headaches :D

Of course I'm also one of those people who will sit down and white a PHP script that will hammer a spammers submission form with fake data until they shut down the site... I mean - what are they going to do? I can hear it now - "I'm selling pirated copies of software and this person is filling my database with false information and making it hard for me to rip off software companies."

Anyway... I'd love to help any way I can. Let me know if there is anything I can do that is even MORE proactive than just donating MX entries :)

David V.
 Re: Domains for $5!
Author: M.Prince   (13 Feb 05 1:06pm)
Yep, you can donate up to 5 MX records from each domain you control. Each time someone donates a domain that effectively increases the number of spamtrap email addresses we can hand out by 100 million.

In addition to just donating an MX, the most helpful thing you can do is install a honey pot and link to it widely. The value from the system really comes from the number of honey pots. The more we have, the more addresses we can hand out, and the more of a headache we'll be able to create for spammers.

Thanks for your help and welcome to the Project!!

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