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 Using the MX
Author: A.Westward   (23 Jan 05 8:04am)
I've given you two MX records; different domains and one for private, one for public use.

Only thing is, despite reading the FAQ answer that says "If you donate an MX entry from your domain to Project Honey Pot you can specify that the honey pot addresses displayed on your site only contain that domain." I can find nowhere that I can make that specification!

btw. You've already confirmed it is up and available ...


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 Re: Using the MX
Author: M.Prince   (23 Jan 05 12:05pm)
When you set up a honey pot there's an option called "Domains To Use." You can either specify "Any" or "Only Those I've Donated." If you select the later option, you'll be given additional options to specify one of the domains.

If you've already installed a honey pot, you can change its settings by visiting the Manage Honey Pots page, clicking on the honey pot, and then changing the "Domains To Use" specification.

We don't start handing out email addresses with your donated MX until it has been confirmed to be setup correctly (which it sounds like yours has) and then until we've watched to ensure that mail is not already being sent to addresses at the domain. As soon as those checks are finished, if you've specified "Only Those I've Donated" the spam trap email addresses handed out on your honey pot will all be formed with your MXs.

Note that you can specify the "Only Those I've Donated" option even if an MX donation is marked Public. The difference between marking a donation Public or Private is simply whether other honey pots can use it to create spam trap addresses. No matter what you can always specify that your honey pot uses your donated MXs.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have additional questions.
 Re: Using the MX
Author: A.Westward   (23 Jan 05 7:56pm)
It's that "Domains To Use" selection that I don't see at the moment. Although the system tells me that they are setup and tested maybe this extra time delay is still running. As both are absolutely new it is not clear how long that wait might be.

(I note that within my first 24 hours, 25 addresses have already been given out though ...)

 Re: Using the MX
Author: M.Prince   (23 Jan 05 11:29pm)
Huh, that's strange. I checked and can understand your confusion -- the option I said was there was not. That may be a bug on our end. My guess is that what's happening is that we're not showing the box until your domains have gone through "virgin" confirmation. We wait a period of time, and watch to make sure that we don't receive any mail at them, in order to make certain that someone hasn't donated an MX that was used for mail in the past. That could, theoretically, mess up our data or give a spammer a route for a potential defense.

That virgin testing period is 2 or 3 days after the MXs are confirmed to be pointing at the right place. My guess is that the option will appear for your honey pots then. However, I think that's somewhat non-intuitive behavior for the system and I'll talk with Lee and see what he thinks about having the box appear as soon as the MXs go active. The only downside to that is that you may be able to select the option to use only your domains, but if they haven't cleared the virgin testing then that preference won't start immediately. I think we can explain that in an alert, however.

The 25 addresses that have been handed out were through your honey pots. (That's a fairly high-traffic honey pot, so you're bound to see more harvester traffic than most.) Those 25 addresses were generated with "public" domains other members of the Project had previously donated. We don't display anywhere the number of addresses that have been created with your MXs. Although, currently with your donations, that number is zero.

Sorry for the confusion, and welcome to the Project!
 Re: Using the MX
Author: D.Hoviss   (26 Jan 06 11:33am)
Dear M Prince,
It would be very handy to provide a DNS sample to people like me that run bind and manage their own zone files by hand.

I keep getting emails stating that there is a problem, it is NEVER clear what the problem is however, (looks like your rejecting thedonation based on my syntax)
I then modify my zone file for the domain and wait it out....

Right now I am using a cname to point back to your MX server after declairing an MX record pointing to mx4...

A small snippet sample would help.

I am donating

 Re: Using the MX
Author: X.Guyaux   (5 Apr 06 7:45am)

I think you have to specify the MX.

The cname is not always working properly.

I have donated a lot of MX's and all are working properly

 Re: Using the MX
Author: K.Littlewareag   (1 Jan 11 6:25pm)
I'm a newbie to the Project Honey Pot. I got one mail exchange (mx) to give out. It is from it is 8mx The whole message it <,de>. Hope I did good.



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