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 DMARC config to apply
Author: P.Smart   (7 Apr 16 2:31pm)
How should we configure DMARC for it not to interfere with your service on donated MX?
 Re: DMARC config to apply
Author: DictatorPi   (14 Jan 18 9:46pm)
I am also interested in this
 Re: DMARC config to apply
Author: D.S.H.   (24 Aug 18 11:00am)
Perhaps I am missing something, but DMARC DNS entries are checked on the receiving end to confirm the email originated from the sending domain. I am guessing the PHP mail servers that your MX records point to for your PHP registered domains or sub domains do not do any DMARC checks on purpose. They are only interested in finding out who sent the spam.

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