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 Can't create MX Record
Author: C.Jackson12   (13 Feb 15 7:49am)
I'm trying to create an MX Record using the CPanel for my website. However, the only options available for the 'Type' are A, CNAME, and TXT. 'MX' is not an option.

Is this because I'm not on a dedicated server?
I share a server with about another 1,000 domains on HostPapa.

 Re: Can't create MX Record
Author: H.User1325   (13 Feb 15 10:06am)
Check with your host. they control the configuration of your CPanel and should be able to help you.

 Re: Can't create MX Record
Author: C.Jackson12   (15 Feb 15 8:11am)
I checked with the host, and the tech-support guy claimed to have given me the MX option, or perhaps done it for me, but I don't see it as such on the CPanel 'Advanced DNS Zone Editor'. I had redirected the MX subdomain traffic to PHP, and PHP tested it as being OK. However, I suspect that honeypot email to my MX subdomain is being directed by my server and not by the DNS directly. How can I tell? And, does it matter?

 Re: Can't create MX Record
Author: H.User1325   (15 Feb 15 9:12am)
Why do you suspect that email is coming to your mail server and NOT following the MX record?

I suggest that if the configuration passed testing by PHP, then it is setup correctly.

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