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 Timing of MX testing
Author: B.Pennypacker   (20 Jan 05 1:38pm)
How long should it take to test an MX? I created 2 on different domains about 3 days ago and they're still marked as "test pending".

 Re: Timing of MX testing
Author: M.Prince   (23 Jan 05 3:53am)
The tests occur a couple times a day. We'll send an email if we find a problem. The email will contain some instructions on our best guess as to how to fix whatever is wrong. After a few days of tests, if the domain still will not verify, we mark it as inactive and send you a notice. You may, if you fix the DNS setup, "reset" the donation at any time by visiting the Manage MX Entries page and clicking the button next to the domain.

Thanks for your help with the Project!

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