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 MX name rotation
Author: R.Russon2   (10 Oct 14 8:15am)
I own a domain so I effectively have an infinite number of subdomains.

Would it be helpful to delete my MX entries every [week|month|year|whatever]
and create new names?


 Re: MX name rotation
Author: H.User1325   (10 Oct 14 11:07am)
I am just another PHP user, but I see the following problem with your plan.

If I understand how this works:
1. you donate a MX record and redirects its location to an IP controlled by PHP as directed.

2. PHP adds email addresses for your donated domain to the rotation of addresses distributed by honeypots.

3. A harvester goes to a honeypot and collects an address[at]yourdomain

4. Some unknown time later the harvester add the address to a list for spamming or to sell to someone else to spam. And finely spam is sent to an address at your donated domain.

5. Some time later still the harvester sells the list again and/or another spammer passes on the list to others for them to use.

These list or names on these list live on forever. I used an emailbox with a business I closed 15+yrs ago. That mailbox still gets an occasional spam.

As soon as you delete an MX you would break that chain of evidence from the honeypot through the harvester to one or more spammers.


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