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 MX on Kloxo
Author: P.Tucker   (15 Aug 14 2:10am)
I'd be happy to donate an MX record for the project honeypot, but I have a few issues. Firstly some of my unused domains are parked (and for sale) at sedo so any nameserver changes will likely prejudice any potential sales, any way around that?

Secondly I would like to be able to use a hosted domain that already has a honeytrap on it but can't find any info or instructions on how to do this using Kloxo CP (LXLabs). I use a VPS to host the domain but don't use any email so have never set up a mailserver on Kloxo, the site has a contact page with captcha for sending messages (via gmail), any help and/or instructions for setting up MX on Kloxo would be most welcome. I'm guessing it'd be something to do with 'remote' as opposed to 'local' in the MX settings but after that I'm lost.

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