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 MX errors after moving hosts
Author: A.Yeo   (27 Nov 13 5:33am)
I moved all my honeypots to a new host with a new IP. As expected, the honeypots stopped working for 24 hours while the DNS settings propagated. They are now fully active.

On the other hand, my MX entries are still showing an error status, 48 hours after the change. I keep checking my DNS settings and requesting tests.

The problem is that the system does not inform us of when a test failed. The "Test issued date" is the test request date. At the moment I do not know if I have a configuration problem or if I am just waiting for a test.

 Re: MX errors after moving hosts
Author: H.User1325   (27 Nov 13 7:08am)
When I look at/test my donated MX I see the status reflected in the color of the @ next to STATUS for each donated MX - Active - Test Pending - Errors Found or - Not Active
 Re: MX errors after moving hosts
Author: A.Yeo   (27 Nov 13 8:25am)
To be clear on my problem...

My status show a purple @ = Errors found.

Although I have requested a new test, I do not know if the status still applies.

Either I have..

1) Fixed my problem and waiting for a retest


2) the latest test failed and I still have a problem.

My suggestion is that for clarity, the status shows the time of the last test

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