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 How long does it take for the test?
Author: K.G8   (7 Oct 13 8:29pm)
I donated a subdomain, but not sure whether I did everything correctly. It does not become active, but I also don't get an error? Test pending only.
 Re: How long does it take for the test?
Author: K.G8   (9 Oct 13 2:05pm)
Working now. Was too impatient ... A few days
 Re: How long does it take for the test?
Author: M.DE WEERD   (11 May 17 2:04pm)
It looks like this is a long term recurrent problem.

The MX domain I donated about two weeks ago is still in testing mode.

When testing the MX domain with online tools, it looks like it is correctly configured but that the mail server it is routed to does not recognize dhe mail domain.

Not sure that that is the issue.

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