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 MX record details
Author: S.Wheatley   (19 Jan 05 10:33am)

I have the following fields to create an MX record, what should I use for which field?

Hostname, TTL, Record Data


 Re: MX record details
Author: M.Prince   (19 Jan 05 4:33pm)
A bit strange. I suspect that maybe you're configuring your DNS in general, or an SOA record in particular. Are you editing your Zone file by hand, or using the UI of a DNS provider? In the later case, may be helpful to know the provider's name so I can poke around and see if they have a FAQ for their DNS tool.

Here's a good general explanation of DNS and some of the terms you mention:

Typically when editing MX records there are three fields to edit. They'll usually be labeled something like:


If you were donating:, then you'd enter something like....

MX =
Preference = 10
Hostname =

You'd replace "" with whatever MX you were donating. The preference is used if you have multiple mail servers. The lower the preference, the more preferred the mail server is. in this case there should only be one so it doesn't matter what the preference is set to. 10 is typically the default. And the hostname "" you'd replace with whatever you were told to during the donation.

Again, my hunch is that you're editing your SOA record and not your MX record. Poke around a bit and see if there's another option specifically for MXs.
 Re: MX record details
Author: C.Kruslicky   (16 Feb 05 9:03pm)
In BIND 9 at least, you can set a TTL for an individual record, like:
name ttl class rr pref name IN MX 10

(TTL skipped in the example) when skipped the value for the zone is used for each record. For BIND this link will go into a lot more detail if you're so inclined:

specifically re: TTL

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