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 Donating MX record on
Author: O.Faigon   (3 May 13 4:45am)
I recently moved my domain from GoDaddy to DreamHost and I am having trouble with the MX record I had donated.

DreamHost provide a web interface to manage what they call "custom MX records", but they only let me enter the "10" part of the full record, which, if I understand correctly, should be "mail2 604800 IN MX 10"

It is important for me to use a subdomain for the donated MX record so it will not interfere with my mail server.

Speaking to DreamHost tech support I was told that what I am trying to do does not make any sense and that they do not support this.

Does anybody know how to donate a MX record for a subdomain on DreamHost?
 Re: Donating MX record on
Author: C.Venable   (11 Dec 13 2:28am)
I successfully donated a record via dreamhost. The MX entry just reads '10'


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