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 Unused domain with loads of SPAM
Author: P.Obel   (22 Feb 13 1:34am)
I read the FAQ, and it states the best domains are ones that do not already receive spam. I have an otherwise unused domain name, that receives a lot of spam. And additionally have been hijacked by SPAM.

Meaning I get a lot of bounceback messages from servers which tell me unregistered email accounts have been sending messages.

I.e. the messages I get are:
"User could not receive message from" where is my domain.

Obviously I have checked it is not my mail server sending out. So it is simply a spoof.

Can I use that domain with Project HoneyPot, or are there any other options, so I can make live miserable for the spammers?

I have no need for the domain, (from a mail perspective)

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