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 I apparently set up an accidental honeypot...
Author: W.Wagner4   (26 Dec 12 5:42pm)
Apparently, I had set up a test of our forum at some time in the past year and it got cataloged somewhere. For that time, it has been collecting spammer registrations where no one could see or care. I have apparently collected 15,961 spammer registrations in my accidental honeypot.

I have deleted the test installation, but still have the database, so I have usernames, email addresses and IP addresses used...

It was never intended to catch the spammers, so it was nto set up as an actual honeypot... but now that I have the infor, can anyone here use this information? If so, how can I turn it over to you?
 Re: I apparently set up an accidental honeypot...
Author: H.User1325   (26 Dec 12 8:25pm)
I would suggest you try forum comment spam is their thing.

at the bottom of the home page is a "contact up" ~~ this is different than the one on the right of the header.
 Re: I apparently set up an accidental honeypot...
Author: W.Wagner4   (27 Dec 12 6:19am)
Well, I use both project honeypot and stop forum spam on my real sites... so they are both very useful and I'd love to be able to turn this over to both. :)
 Re: I apparently set up an accidental honeypot...
Author: H.User1325   (27 Dec 12 9:21am)
I agree. But from the outside looking in, the philosophy of the two groups about what is "valid" data is different. As you know PHP's data is (mostly) from bots that follow hidden links to "don't post/scrape here" pages, but they do anyway. SFS on the other hand will take whatever an administrator offers as spam or evidence. I say administrators because most others, even moderators, don't have access to hidden email and IP addresses.

Although you kept your forum hidden (not advertised) I'm guessing it is missing the "Don't post your sh** here" legalize of a honey pot.

That is not to say one is better than the other. They are different. I contribute to, support both. JMHO as a user.

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