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 Donating on Fasthosts
Author: M.Hill   (5 Oct 11 11:34am)
Hi, i'm having some trouble donating an entry using my hoster: Fasthosts

My domain name is going to be (ip is recommended by the honeypotpot setup) and is added in the A records

I've added as an MX entry with a priority of 5.

However i get:
In order for this donation to be effective, you must point all the name servers controlling to our mail servers at The specific problem we have identified with your DNS modifications for this donation is that no MX record could be found for your donated MX Entry when we performed an MX query check. It could be that we simply experienced a DNS error when we tested. However, you should check to ensure that the MX ( exists and can be dug: dig MX Windows users can perform a nslookup: nslookup set querytype=MX

Has anyone done with Fasthosts before? Any idea where i'm going wrong?
 Re: Donating on Fasthosts
Author: K.Parkinson   (18 Feb 12 11:18am)
Hi mate, I'm using FastHost's myself.

You need to change the MX Records NOT the A Records mail server.
Scroll down until you see MX Records then click ADD MX RECORDS button on the right.

Choose your mail server name, point it to (I think thats it) and Priority I myself have set 10.

Fasthost will automatically change all 3 name servers.

Hope it helps.

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