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 DNS entries
Author: B.Abreu2   (26 Sep 11 3:42pm)
Hi. I am donating a subdomain for a domain I am currently not using. We have it with BulkRegister. No problem setting up the A record or the MX but instructions see to indicate we must point the 5 DNS servers as well.

When I try I get

Nameserver '' could not be registered

Do I need to edit the dns servers (now using BulkRegisters default ones).

 Re: DNS entries
Author: B.Abreu2   (26 Sep 11 4:15pm)
One other thing the IP address that I get on the instructions for MX set up here on Project Honey Pot

We suggest the A Record should point to your own server's IP address [and then they indicate an IP address). The IP address that was already in the www and * settings does not match this - not sure if this is normal or not as I don't really have a firm grasp on all these settings.
 Re: DNS entries
Author: B.Abreu2   (27 Sep 11 8:09am)
Well the entry now shows active here so I guess it was set up correctly.

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