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Donating MX Entries

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Author: B.Holstein2   (22 May 11 11:29am)
I can't donate an MX record when I'm using Cloudflare? I would think that to be the easiest place to do so.

When I try to enter the DNS I get an error that says, basically, it's one of ours.
 Re: Cloudflare
Author: H.User4115   (10 Jun 11 5:12am)
I'm with script now says it needs to be updated since I'm in cloudflare. Maybe we don't need the honeypot when we are running cloudflare up front...
 Re: Cloudflare
Author: E.Langheinrich   (19 Sep 11 9:35am)
Are you still running into problems donating MXs behind Cloudflare?
 Re: Cloudflare
Author: R.Trappman8   (9 Jul 12 12:50pm)
My MX records work as long as I use CloudFlare's web-based DNS editor.
 Re: Cloudflare
Author: H.Hoyt   (24 Jun 13 5:48am)
I sure tried. Cloudflare steers me to my isp and my isp steers me to cloudflare.

Since CF and HP are (somewhat) related, how about making this more manageable ?

Typically, when folks want to donate an MX, it should be made as easy as possible ?


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