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 correct this time?
Author: L.Horror   (26 Apr 11 7:19am)
think i forgot to stick a '.' when i set up my last mx.
this one's on the domain
tried an mx lookup and quite a few servers are reporting ' mail is handled by 10'. this seems ok to me. should i just wait for the test to complete?
if this one works i'll donate some more for this domain.
 Re: correct this time?
Author: L.Horror   (14 Jul 11 12:01am)
not much activity here then huh? shame. makes me wonder about the whole project slightly. i've donated 12 entries and would like to add some more but if there's no tech support that seems unlikely. i pay for custom dns just so i can manage my honey pot entries (mostly) so that's $30 per year...per domain...
 Re: correct this time?
Author: J.Eaton   (18 Aug 11 7:36am)
Why not use subdomains instead then you don't have to pay $30 a year

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