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 MX records Test Pending
Author: P.Churchley   (26 Sep 10 1:55am)
I have added several MX records and they have stayed Test Pending for several days. I requested a test by clicking on the link but it is still Test Pending.

How long should it stay Test Pending?
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: R.Damon   (28 Sep 10 1:16pm)
I am having the same issue, a domain I submitted 6 days ago is still marked Test Pending. I have checked the MX record with a query and it looks right.
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: P.Churchley   (29 Sep 10 2:11am)
There doesn't seem to be any support here... pity. I am fully behind this project, I have donated loads of MX records and I have donated some cash too...

I kind of expected that someone would be providing at least basic support?
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: D.Daster   (29 Sep 10 10:43pm)
In my case, it did not take very long for it to check the records.

Having said that, i´m not sure what happens when you have not done the correct things, so it may be possible that it´s incorrect somehow...

It could also be possible that that part of the system is down, not really sure what you can do about that though other than hope someone notices.

Other than that, i can´t provide much. But at least i tried...
Usually a more experienced member (or one of the project maintainers) will respond after a few days.
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: P.Churchley   (1 Oct 10 3:12am)
Thanks. I have checked the MX entries but I am no DNS expert so it could still be wrong.

Hopefully someone will check that the checking system is working soon.
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: P.Churchley   (9 Oct 10 1:29am)
Well, for some reason not at all clear to me my MX records have now gone active!

I can only imagine that the ayatem was stopped and now it is re-started.

If someone from the project could let us know why there was this 2 week delay I would appreciate it?
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: S.Ganegie   (3 Sep 11 5:26am)
Hi, i have the same problem about 2 weeks (my MX is still pending).
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: R.Kenimer   (9 Sep 11 11:47am)
I can report the same. I am quite sure the records are correct, and issuing tests does not seem to make any difference.
The '@' is blue - test pending, not any other color. 5 domains waiting to be checked.
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: S.Williams13   (12 Sep 11 6:30am)
Hi. I'm having the same problem. I donated 8 MX records a week ago and they're still showing as test pending.
 Re: MX records Test Pending
Author: E.Langheinrich   (19 Sep 11 9:36am)
This should all be resolved now.

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