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Donating MX Entries

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 Don't understand instructions!
Author: S.Wright4   (26 Aug 10 2:11am)
Hi there,

Very sorry to start this thread but I'm a bit lost about donating an MX record. I've signed up to project honeypot to try and stop spam users registering for my Joomla website as a message board on Joomla stuff recommended that I do.

I have cPanel 11.25. I've set up a subdomain. But I really don't get what I'm supposed to do next.

Can someone please help and give me step by step instructions? I assume I go into MX Records but then I'm lost.

Thank you!

 Re: Don't understand instructions!
Author: S.D10   (27 Aug 10 9:41pm)
1) Goto Mail->MX Entry
2) Select the Domain you want to register
3) Add New MX Entry as with priority 0
4) IN MX Records, delete other records or increase its priority
5) Select Automatically Detect Configuration: Remote (recommended)

Its done
 Re: Don't understand instructions!
Author: H.User5610   (19 Nov 10 12:20am)
thanks a lot, that helped me out too. :)
 Re: Don't understand instructions!
Author: M.Harden   (27 Sep 11 12:31pm)
Step 5 fixed it for me. Thanks.

Also, if you have an A record named "mail", delete it.

Post Edited (28 Sep 11 6:31am)
 Re: Don't understand instructions!
Author: P.Dickey   (18 Sep 13 9:24pm)
I know this is an old thread, but I have a question about the last comment. You said "Also, if you have an A record named "mail", delete it."

My question is this:

I created a subdomain called honeypot on my domain. I have a mail record for my main domain, but nothing for the subdomain (when I look in the Advanced Editor for Zone Records list). So, do I still want to delete the mail record for my main domain?

For example, if I created, do I need to remove the A record for, or just any like
 Re: Don't understand instructions!
Author: H.User1325   (19 Sep 13 9:16am)
Just in the sub-domain you are donating. For example I have a domain with webpages and email &

I created a sub-domain for mobile pages, and donated the MX for the sub-domain. Only the sub-domain records should be changed.

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