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 When my MX will be active?
Author: L.Orville   (23 Mar 10 5:56am)

I donated several domain's mx entries,
(already changed DNS's setting of course)
but when i open [manage mx entries],
all Status is "@ - Test Pending".

When my MX will be active?
 Re: When my MX will be active?
Author: M.Prince   (23 Mar 10 12:09pm)
We're looking in to the problem. It should be fixed soon.
 Re: When my MX will be active?
Author: L.Holloway   (23 Mar 10 2:38pm)
It's fixed. Thanks for the report.

Post Edited (23 Mar 10 3:09pm)
 Re: When my MX will be active?
Author: R.Kenimer   (14 Sep 11 1:54pm)
This still appears to be a problem - all MX's stay pending forever.
 Re: When my MX will be active?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (19 Sep 11 9:30am)
This should be fixed now.

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