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 Donating more than just an MX
Author: B.Kenobi   (5 Mar 10 4:00am)

Hi all

I was on site, donating another MX and while doing so I came up with
an idea; maybe a crazy one, don't know, but I feel it may be worth a
bit of discussion

The "donate an MX" instructions tell to set up an A record for the domain
to point to - fine - but it sounds like a waste to me, see, there
may be an option (optional btw :D) to donate an MX and ALSO donate
some hosts so pointing the domain A record to a specified IP or adding
an additional A or CNAME record pointing to whatever host this way the
domain may not just be used for spamtraps but may also contain hosts
pointing to honeypots hosted on the project infrastucture and which may
help catching even more "leechers" or "web spammers"; again, such a
thing may just be added as an "optional" choice but may be interesting
and help improving the efficiency

Is it a crazy idea ?
 Re: Donating more than just an MX
Author: H.User3345   (27 Nov 10 12:36pm)
I must say I think it's a good idea.

I have a domain that I am no longer using. I have donated an MX address from a sub domain on it. I was thinking that I should set up more MX records on other subdomains. I have HPs on my sites, but hate spammers so much, having suffered from effects of them that I would be willing to keep the domain going indefinitely to help the cause
 Re: Donating more than just an MX
Author: J.Betts3   (11 Dec 13 5:57pm)
you can point the A record at a live server if you want and use that server to host a honeypot,
or even some other service so long as that service does not attract legitimate email messages to the honeypot domain.

This is probably why they suggest you use

 Re: Donating more than just an MX
Author: E.Langheinrich   (8 May 14 8:30am)
You can have the A record point to the IP for your webserver where you have Honey Pots installed.

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