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 IP Address
Author: K.Katz   (8 Feb 10 2:03pm)
I'm using tinydns and when I setup the MX, I used a different IP address than the one that my actual mail server is on just to be on the safe side, but now I'm getting massive smtp connection attempts to this IP address that I can only contribute to this donated MX.

Is this just spammers not following the mx record or should I remove the IP A record for this subdomain or ???


 Re: IP Address SOLVED
Author: K.Katz   (8 Feb 10 7:18pm)
Looks like it was unnecessary to have an A record for the sub domain, as my configuration already has an A record for the domain itself. I left just the MX record that points my sub domain to the honeypot domain and retested and all tests passed. For other who use djbdns:


Looks Like that is all that is required

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