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 Profanity Filter Issue
Author: E.Siegel   (19 Jan 10 1:29pm)
There are already 2 threads on this, but they are old, so I figured I should make a new one. My MX record: cannot be public. I guess it is because of the last 3 letters of "Compass".
 Re: Profanity Filter Issue
Author: L.King   (19 Jan 10 4:11pm)
Yes, there old but did you see this post?

"Profanity filter problem"

"Author: M.Prince (3 Aug 07 11:24pm)
Continue the donation process with the domain marked private. Then send us a request via the contact us form and we can manually override the profanity filter on a case-by-case basis. It's not a perfect solution, but it will work for now Evetually we'll create a more automated process for requesting an exemption."

I think that provides an answer to your problem.
 Re: Profanity Filter Issue
Author: E.Siegel   (19 Jan 10 10:33pm)
Ah. Thank you.

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