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 issues with donation mechanism block quantity donations
Author: B.Bruce2   (23 Dec 09 2:05am)
It seems I am supposed to do these one at a time. That is dreadful !

I suspect you have a security issue with using the same server the MX record points to too many times, as the spammers can very quickly spot that server, unless it is a server also serving a large number of non-honeypot domains.

However, the biggest PIA was having to enter them one at a time here on this site to see what server the MX record was to point to, and then to have to go edit the zone file yet again, and, being tidy, to even bump the serial number each time.

If you could have told me I could count on using the ONE following nameserver (or even MY CHOICE of perhaps FIVE I could rotate between and you could LOOK to see which I had used for which subdomain...) for, say, my next 50 donated MX records, and especually if it is safe enough to reuse the same 5 generic looking subdomains for each of 10 domains, I would have stuck the exact same 5 lines in each of 10 zone files and been finished in a flash.

I stopped at three donated MX records for now, but if someone can help make this a LOT SIMPLER, bulk loading the 5 allowed per domain at once makes a LOT of sense.

Can I have 5 MXes per sub-sub domain? If so, I could have thousands of subdomains each with 5 donated subsubdomains. Or is it truely 5 per domain.

ALSO, I use a * MX record and freely create RUDE & DESCRIPTIVE subdomains for single or limited use at deserving companies that insist on my email address but that reject the "+" tags or sub-addresses I normally add to the left of the @ to simplify getting things into the correct IMAP folder. These then get forwarded or aliased to to the correct place. Such subdomains covered by the * record need no aditional DNS changes, and a simple email server entry is all that is needed.

When searching LOG FILES, I am amazed to sometimes find these per supposedly respectable company (my pet RUDE subdomain creations) being tried with name dictionary attacks!

But I ALSO get hit over LONG periods with folks trying many random subdomains I have NEVER used, or MANY names in a single one of such a random subdomain.

If it is a random subdomain that I have NEVER used (but that I get to see logged due to the * MX record) why would there be any harm in donating it? Or is who scraped it more important than the zombies trying to use names in it?
 Re: issues with donation mechanism block quantity donations
Author: M.Prince   (27 Dec 09 4:04am)
Thanks for the offer to donate a big lot of domains. You're absolutely right that the interface for donations is not built to accommodate it. However, if you or anyone else have a large list of domains you'd like to donate we can make the setup a lot easier. If you email us the list through the contact us form then we'll enter them and ensure that they all point to a single MX entry.

Thanks for your help with the Project!


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