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 Honeypots doesn't use the donated MX server
Author: T.Taylor5   (10 Sep 09 2:24pm)

I donated two MX server and configured the honeypots to use the donated MX server only.
Some days later I checked it, but my domains won't be used? Why this?

For what is the config point "Domains To Use - only those I donated", if not for this?

Thank you for clairifying?

PS: I've to correct me - one website uses my domains, but why doesn't use the other two pages my MX entries?
PSS: I've to correct me again - all websites use my MX records. It seems to be a proxy problem, so I could only see cached version of my sites.

Thank you.

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 Re: Honeypots doesn't use the donated MX server
Author: M.Prince   (3 Jan 10 4:14pm)
The other thing that may be happening is that there's a delay from the setting up of a donated MX to when it goes into rotation. That delay depends on a number of factors. If, at the same time, you donate an MX and install a honey pot marked as only using your own domains then the honey pot will initially pull from the general pool. After a few days, when your MX has been verified, your honey pot will begin to use the donated MX. If the donated MX ever becomes unavailable, the honey pot will revert to using the general MX pool.

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