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 Donation issue with Godaddy
Author: R.Lund   (12 Aug 09 4:16pm)
I thought I had setup everything correctly on Godaddy, but it appears I am missing some part - when I use an MX lookup tool, I get the response:
Sorry, we could not find a namesever for

I use Total DNS Control in Godaddy, and I use two of their name servers and never had a problem with creating sub domains.

At the moment, I have the new sub domain setup under
CNAMES (Aliases)
to point at @ (where the web server will refuse it since the new sub domain is not meant to point to my site), and under MX (Mail Exchange):

10 newsubdomain 1 Hour

I even have the last period after the target host name.

During setup on ProjectHoneyPot, there are links to instructions for Godaddy, but the links appeared to be outdated, and I could not get the correct instructions.

Can someone help me figure out what I am missing?
I thought if I setup a new sub domain on the Godaddy DNS Control page, it would change in their own DNS servers...
If I enter the new sub domain in a browser, I get a 403 error, not a "domain unknown" error, so the new sub domain exists, but just not for MX, or ... ?

Thanks in advance!

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 Re: Donation issue with Godaddy
Author: R.Lund   (11 Sep 09 1:39pm)
Found the answer myself.
I had to create a new A record (Host), and NOT a new CNAME record (Alias) as I had done. I just had to set that up correctly and delete the CNAME record I had created in error, then the MX record worked.
I hope this might help someone else some day.

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