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 Can't donate MX
Author: F.De Mees   (13 Jun 09 6:13pm)
Dear Project,

in several instances I got the message
•The domain (europeXdmmailXeu) you have attempted to donate does not appear to be registered (or at least we were unable to query its DNS Records -- if this is the case you may want to double check that its records are valid).
although I can ensure you that the domain exists and is mine. (subs X with dots, of course)
The 2 DNS servers for this domain respond perfectly without any delay. Would you please check what happens ? I have made several tries, the lastest one at 22:10 GMT from IP 213X49X239X24, and I get every time the error message.

Thank you for your support.
 Re: Can't donate MX
Author: B.L5   (14 Jun 09 9:18am) might help you. This is a glitch with ccTLDs, not your fault.
 Re: Can't donate MX
Author: F.De Mees   (20 Jun 09 4:43pm)
Thanks. ... but it seems that this behaviour is erratic. Sometimes it works, but most often (> 90%) I get constantly rejected.


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