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 Does making subdomain create unnecessary stress on server?
Author: A.E4   (8 Apr 09 11:07pm)
I asked my host if it is okay to make a subdomain for the purpose of donating an MX Entry and this is what my host support told me:

"There is technically no problem doing it. However, remember that everybody should be a good neighbor. Something like the honey pot project would create unnecessary stress on the web server. Hope that helps!"

So I was wondering .. does making a subdomain and donating an MX entry create unnecessary stress on the server? I would like to know this before attempting this as I am a noob at this and want to make sure I don't screw myself over.

Also if I mess it up some how is there risk of spam piling into my domain?

And one last thing. Will this take up all my bandwidth (which I only am limited to I think .. 500 Gb)? If this takes up bandwidth on my server, do I get compensated for helping out the project?

Just want to know as much as possible before proceeding but I do want to help eliminate spam since my forums attract the spammers that advertise medications since I run a medical site. Thank you.

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 Re: Does making subdomain create unnecessary stress on server?
Author: M.Wester   (12 Apr 09 6:03pm)
I believe the FAQ answers many of your questions. Basically, anyone sending e-mail to your subdomain would first look it up in the DNS to translate the subdomain name into the IP address of the mail server. Since you've "donated" the subdomain's MX record, this will resolve to the IP address of Your own server or network bandwidth will not be affected by e-mail sent to the e-mail server at
Good luck,
 Re: Does making subdomain create unnecessary stress on server?
Author: A.E4   (27 Apr 09 1:33am)
Thank you Magnus. That makes me feel better and helps clarify the questions I had. Thank you :)


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