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 How many MX up to now?
Author: X.Guyaux   (4 Apr 06 5:45pm)
Is it possible to lnow the number of MX used up to now?

I donated a lot of because I think it is useful.

 Re: How many MX up to now?
Author: M.Prince   (1 May 06 6:45pm)
I'm not sure the number of MXs that are currently active. It's in the thousands, however. We can always use more, so thank you for your donation!!!

 Re: How many MX up to now?
Author: J.Ward2   (10 Aug 07 10:43am)
I've currently donated 34 MX's, but I too am curious how many overall have been donated. I could donate a lot more, just a case of time, hassle etc (although the process is quite simple.)
 Re: How many MX up to now?
Author: A.E4   (8 Apr 09 10:58pm)
Oh so you mean it doesn't say how many donated per user (like in our own Dashboard)? I thought it would .. :(

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