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 Godaddy hosting and MX records
Author: J.Tompas   (26 Feb 09 2:27pm)
I have setup an MX record according to directions (and other threads posts seem to verify I have done it correctly) but its not working. I now have the errors @ next to the record here. my DNS controls allow total control so maybe someone can tell me whats wrong? hers a cut and paraphrased and pasted copy of my export.

I removed the domain names and replaced but all work but bottom.

; MX Records
@ 604800 IN MX 10
@ 604800 IN MX 20
@ 604800 IN MX 30 mx.l.h0tmai|.com
@ 604800 IN MX 40
@ 604800 IN MX 50 604800 IN MX 10

only thing i can think of i might not have done right is I still have my NS pointing to where my domain is hosted for non subdomain. (my familys personal site). or CName entry missing (not sure what to set)

I basicly only use the domain for the mail (catchall - family emails) and pass it along to google to sort and compile pop3's. So if something needed to change there that would be fine too. Once I have this working I will give 4 more (if still possible due to priorities are used already) but also have 2 other domains to donate MX's for that are parked.

any help would be great,
 Re: Godaddy hosting and MX records
Author: J.Brody   (27 Feb 09 5:29am)
When you create a new MX record you don't need the full domain name - just the subdomain part. For instance if I have a subdomain called my MX record would be:

fred 604800 IN MX 10

(you must have a trailing period after the final domain name - which is the mail handler that Project Honey pot provided to you.

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