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 What name servers do I use?
Author: A.Scaresbrook   (5 Jan 09 9:50am)
I'm at step 2 in the instructions of donating an MX entry, and am attempting to edit my DNS settings.

Your instructions state that I need to change my name servers (2 of them in my case).

I can see on my DNS settings that there's a place to enter a primary and secondary name server. However, I don't know what to type in there! These have to be different.

Can you help please, otherwise I will not be able donate.

 Re: What name servers do I use?
Author: A.Scaresbrook   (11 Jan 09 8:25am)

I cannot get this right, so will have to give up for now on the MX donation.

Will contact my host ( to see if they can help.

Anyone else use 1and1 who can tell me what info to put in the fields?

 Re: What name servers do I use?
Author: A.Scaresbrook   (16 Jan 09 12:51pm)
Hi all

I have solved the problem. I discovered that I didn't have to give 1and1 any details, just choose 'my name server' from a drop-down menu for the primary name server. For the secondary name server, I had to choose '1and1 name server' from the menu. As simple as that.

So I have successfully donated an MX entry now.


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