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 MX DNS setup @ WordwideDNS
Author: E.Armstrong   (14 Nov 08 2:00pm)
I’m trying to get this MX donation going but the instruction set are lacking of certain information to usefully setup your DNS to be able to donate.

In our service at we use and have to use the form system instead of text because of the huge amount of domain we control (A great potential of more donations) Now the issue is certain missing thinks in the instructions.

Form me to set a MX via form I just have to make this two steps:

Angle A
@ MX 0

Mi big question is what IP I have to use to point this donated MX record?

Give me that and I give lost of MX records.
 Re: MX DNS setup @ WordwideDNS
Author: E.Geier   (19 Nov 08 5:05pm)
Don't change the DNS A record's IP Address! This is pointing to your domain.
Just change the MX record from to a PHP domain they instruct you to use, and the priority from 0 to 10.
At the end, it should look like this:

Angle A
@ MX 10 PHP-domain

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