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 tests still pending
Author: L.Horror   (29 Oct 08 3:43am)
hi all.
just started with the honeypot thing and have now set up the script and donated two mx entries.
was just wondering if it's normal for the test to still be pending 36 hours after it was started...
the first mx test's been pending for 36 hours and the second for 24 (ish).
anyway...thanks for providing this great chance to kick some spammer arse.
 Re: tests still pending
Author: L.Horror   (30 Oct 08 5:23am)
i didn't put "10" in front of "" when creating the record.
i hope it'll be working now...
 Re: tests still pending
Author: B.Gardiner   (14 Feb 09 8:25am)
I donated 2 MX addresses, from different urls, one whet active in a day. The other has been in test status for days.

The one in test status shows it active, and forwarded on my end.

So what do I do? Just wait?
 Re: tests still pending
Author: B.Bruce2   (23 Dec 09 2:26am)

"i didn't put "10" in front of "" when creating the record."

I thought we were supposed to be using 666, though that might make it easier for the spammers to spot, I suppose.

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