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 question about profanity filter?
Author: A.Duncan2   (22 Feb 08 9:33am)
I read the thread already posted regarding the profanity filter, and originally posted this there, but it has been unanswered for days now, so I thought maybe a new thread would get some attention. I have read through the threads I can find that seem to pertain, as well as the TOS, but still can't find the answer.

Are obviously-adults-only names not allowed? I have a domain I'm not using at all, but the name is quite obviously pornish -- it's not allowed?

So much spam is porn related, I would have thought that adults-only type domains would be ok, but naturally I don't want to clutter things up by submitting a domain that will be automatically rejected as objectionable.

Thx much
 Re: question about profanity filter?
Author: M.Prince   (5 Apr 08 6:40pm)
The reason for the profanity filter is that we use donated domains to construct spam trap email addresses. These spam trap addresses are displayed on honey pot web pages. The honey pots are hosted on other people's websites. Since some people are squeamish about porn-related material appearing on their sites, we don't allow x-rated domains to be donated if they are used to create spam trap addresses that will go on third party websites. However, we do allow "private" donation of adult-oriented domains that will only be used to create spam trap addresses handed out on your own site's honey pots. Hopefully that makes sense. Our goal is to ensure that honey pot hosts remain happy since they are the most limited resource in the Project.

Thanks for your question!


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