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 Only registered subdomains, no! Only registered domains, yes!
Author: P.Smart   (14 Dec 07 7:04pm)

When going on the page to donate a domain and entering a subdomain, I get the error message that the domain is not registered. That's correct if we talk about the subdomain but not about the domain. Since I intend to donate the subdomain, it is normal it is not "registered".

I expect the system to check if the domain and the subdomain are configured. When the domain is registered, the user should be given the instructions on how to configure his subdomain and wait for a confirmation from the user that he has performed the suggested operation.

Or don't I get it?

 Re: Only registered subdomains, no! Only registered domains, yes!
Author: M.Prince   (17 Dec 07 1:39am)
Are you donating a MX or installing a honey pot? The error you describe could come up if you were installing a honey pot. If you're donating a domain, the check happens after the donation is complete (there's no check on the website to see if it's registered that I'm aware of). After you enter the subdomain you want to register it'll present you with instructions. It will then check if the underlying domain is registered and then if the MX of the subdomain has been setup pursuant to our instructions. If it's not setup correctly, the system will send you an email. Again, I'm not sure how you can be getting the error you're getting at the place you say you're getting it. Weird.

I'm not sure what's going wrong. Try it again. Make sure you're on the Donate an MX page, not the Install a Honey Pot page. If you continue to have problems, let us know.
 Re: Only registered subdomains, no! Only registered domains, yes!
Author: P.Smart   (18 Dec 07 4:53am)

I agree with your description of what should happen but, as you can see, this is not how things work, apparently.

 Re: Only registered subdomains, no! Only registered domains, yes!
Author: M.Prince   (18 Dec 07 11:54pm)
Thanks. We'll look into it.

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