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 MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: B.Chabot   (30 Aug 07 6:40pm)

I use DynDNS at the moment to host my domain's DNS records and through their site I found out that pointing an MX record to a CNAME is bad.

Specifically, it seems to be contrary to RFC1035:
(scroll to the last section at the bottom.)

At the moment it seems that the server my donated record is supposed to point to is a CNAME:

$ dig
; IN A


Any chance I might talk someone who can into fixing that?
 Re: MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: A.Stanislav   (22 Sep 07 9:15am)
I'm sorry, could you point out where exactly in RFC1035 it says an MX record should not point to CNAME? Because I just searched that RFC for both "CNAME" and "MX" and did not find any mention of what you are suggesting. But I could have missed it, hence my request for you to point out the specific section of the RFC that bans it.

 Re: MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: T.Kofler   (1 Nov 07 2:32pm)
If you point the MX record to a CNAME, then some mail servers are not able to determine the IP address. I dont konw it it is RFC compliant - but in practice, dont use CNAME as MX records. It wont work - just my 2 cents.

 Re: MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: P.Whiteside   (24 Sep 09 3:58am)
Now I am confused :-( I use eNom and am new to this MX records stuff ... So, I asked them.

h - the MX server bit...

is being donated to ProjectHoneyPot - You may have heard of them, they provide traps for malicious harvesting of e-mail addresses to ensure the international data-base is kept up to date. For

the MX records on the DNS serrvers need only one entry that being

There instructions do not, unfortunately cover eNom, but, what is needed is this ...

"Your goal is to achieve the following result:

All mail directed to

should be routed to


You will need to make this change on your 5 name servers.


There answer is this ..........


It looks like you need to create a sub domain with a CNAME address of


To set this up, under Host Name use newthings with a Record Type of CNAME and the Address of


If you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing us as your domain name registrar, we appreciate your business.

Technical Support Team

Which I duly did. But, from reading the posting here - this is wrong ? :-(
 Re: MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: P.Whiteside   (26 Sep 09 2:48pm)
Still a noobie at all this stuff, but, with the infinate patience of the guy who does my hosting ... it sorta goes like this (for e-nom) anyways ....

I wanted to donate "newthings" to Project Honey Pot.

make a new entry in the dns records on e-nom for newthings with a CNAME pointing to the server you use as a host. (at the bottom, in bit that is empty)

in the email section of e-nom , again at the bottom in the empty bit, pop newthings in there and set it to the mail server that you were told to use when you applied to set up an MX donation.

My normal mail for the domain still works ( with google apps, and it is reported back that the settings I made are working

 Re: MX Record Should Not Point to CNAME
Author: M.Nordhoff   (2 Oct 09 6:32am)
You cannot have a CNAME record alongside any other record. (RFC 1912, section 2.4.) So if you want "" to have an MX record pointing to PHPot, "" cannot have a CNAME record too...

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