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 .fi domains
Author: A.Mous2   (22 Aug 07 6:35pm)
Tried to donate but I got following error message:

The domain ( you have attempted to donate does not appear to be registered (or at least we were unable to query its DNS Records -- if this is the case you may want to double check that its records are valid). You can only donate domains that have been registered and for which you are currently the rightful owner.
If you want to donate this domain, you can first register it through one of the following registrars: BulkRegister

Domain is registered and it's working fine.
 Re: .fi domains
Author: A.Mous2   (23 Aug 07 8:54am)
I also donated -, they were accepted.

I administer the domains dns-servers so I don't think that problem lies in Bind9's configs, the db-files are pretty much alike.

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