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 Erronous error
Author: J.Ward2   (10 Aug 07 10:40am)
I get this error


* The domain ( you have attempted to donate does not appear to be registered (or at least we were unable to query its DNS Records -- if this is the case you may want to double check that its records are valid). You can only donate domains that have been registered and for which you are currently the rightful owner.
If you want to donate this domain, you can first register it through one of the following registrars: BulkRegister

When trying to donate a MX record... The error message is incorrect on everycount, its quite easy to query DNS for this domain...
 Re: Erronous error
Author: A.Mous2   (23 Aug 07 8:59am)
I missed this topic and started a new one, I have the same problem on domains ending with fi (, and so on).

Could it be that some checks that are made to domains before accepting them only works if the 1st level domain is com/net/org etc.?

I'm pretty sure that my nameservers configs are okay, Finnish Ficora (who grants *.fi names) has automatic checks that nameservers are ok and if they are not they send an email to domains admin.

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