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 why isnt a forwarder sufficient?
Author: S.Schneider   (30 Jun 07 6:35am)
I'm owning a lot of domains but they are hosted so that I can't manipulate any MX Records. Wouldn't it be sufficient to forward the catch-all mail account to an other adress? If not, why?

 Re: why isnt a forwarder sufficient?
Author: D.Precious   (24 Jul 07 4:47am)
I think the Project Honey Pot servers need to receive the mail directly from the spammer.

To accept forwarded mail they'd have to trust the (easily-forged) Received: headers so you could easily have an IP listed for spamming that's never sent any spam at all. If the spam comes directly from the IP of the spam sending server, you know for sure that the IP is sending spam.

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