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 "That domain is not allowed"
Author: S.Watt2   (8 Jul 07 4:37am)
I'm trying to set up MX donations in a couple of different domains I own, but it seems that it won't let me do a donation for any but the domain that I picked for my registration email.

Say that I registered as, but I also happen to have registered, I don't seem to be able to donate something under

Presumably that's a semi-feature to prevent abuse, but it kinda reduces the value of my MX donations, since they'd be across widely different domain names.
 Re: "That domain is not allowed"
Author: J.Dahl   (12 Jul 07 12:16pm)
Interesting, because I was going to donate an MX from the "other" domain I own. Actually several since it is a parked domain.
 Re: "That domain is not allowed"
Author: S.Watt2   (13 Jul 07 2:16am)
Give it a try, maybe it'll work. It didn't for me, though. Or are you here because it didn't work for you either?
 Re: "That domain is not allowed"
Author: J.Dahl   (14 Jul 07 12:18am)
I haven't tried it. I just thought using a parked domain would be something useful done with it. I bought it because it was only 99 cents.
 Re: "That domain is not allowed"
Author: D.Precious   (24 Jul 07 4:44am)
It should work, I have donated several MX records on several different domains with no problems at all.

The more domains people can donate MX entries from the better obviously, as there's a wider range of addresses.

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