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 Violating RFCs?
Author: C.Pettinger   (8 Dec 04 1:18am)
Are there any provisions for acccepting mail to "abuse" and "postmaster"?

I guess if it is considered a throw-away domain it wouldn't matter if it got listed with but it would be nice to execute this without violating RFCs if that's possible.

Has anyone thought of this? Did I miss that in the FAQ?

 Re: Violating RFCs?
Author: M.Prince   (8 Dec 04 2:55pm)
Good suggestion. We're going to turn on postmaster/abuse on our systems for donated domains. Messages sent to them will be routed differently and we'll check the mailbox where they end up periodically to ensure they're not being abused somehow.

Thanks for the suggestion. We should have it working in a few days. It won't require any additional action on the part of MX donors.

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